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Empower, motivate & Invest In The Future of Ukrainian Children


Friends of Chervonohrad have collaborated with Dr. Olena Nesteruk, Professor at Montclair State University, to launch a Pen Pal project between 9th graders in Chervonohrad School #2 and MSU students in the Family Science and Human Development class. The pen pal pairs have been communicating via email, snail mail, social media and individual video calls. They discuss hobbies and interests, family, food, school, music, movies, fashion, sports, travel and future plans. Care packages with MSU logo items and gifts has been shipped to Ukraine while American students have enjoyed some traditional Ukrainian chocolates. The rewards of the Pen Pal Project benefit students on both sides of the world with the opportunity to:

  • Interact with English learners/speakers

  • Bridge international friendships

  • Provide/receive mentoring and support

  • Learn about another country, its people, and culture

  • Develop cross-cultural perspective and appreciation of the positives and negatives in one’s life

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